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Anderson Park

Got up early and got the train / bus to Anderson Park today.

Beautiful Danish designed park, created for the writer Hans Christen Anderson.

The park is filled with lots of beautiful seasonal flowers, farm animals and small attractions for children.




Lots of fun.

Night Zoo in Tokyo

This evening we walked around Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.

The zoo seems to become a different place in the evening with the cooler weather the amazing animals seem to be more active.





Great fun after a hot weather day in Tokyo.

We even got to see a panda, and this panda had a great smile.

Click the link to watch the video we made.

Have a great day.

Swedish Summer Party

We joined an amazing mid-summer cray-fish party at IKEA today.


For 2,200 ¥ (around 20 $) we enjoyed all the cray-fish we could eat.




The party also included a toasting drink of Aquavit. What is Aquavit made of?


Like vodka, aquavit is distilled from grain or potato but it’s spiced with caraway and other flavors like dill, anise, fennel, coriander and cardamom.

At the end of the party was a great fruit desert.

The party was held for 2 hours and during the lt half of the party a band played music.




The party was great.

At the end of the party the host awarded prizes to lucky party attendees.

To my surprise I was awarded a great Swedish gift that included 2 kilograms of frozen cray-fish, a paper lantern and Swedish party decorations.

Looks like I will be able to have another Swedish party at home.

If your interested in attending the IKEA party make sure to become an IKEA “family member” and register early next time.

Enjoy the video we made.

Today we traveled to Ryōgoku Kokugikan, also known as Ryougoku Sumo Hall. This is an indoor sporting arena located in the Yokoami neighborhood of Sumida, one of the 23 wards of Tokyo in Japan, next to the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

Arriving early we had the chance to participate in some of the daily stretching exercises that sumo wrestlers do everyday.


Click this link to watch a video we made.

Lots of fun.


Sunset Over Tokyo

Amazing how the view looks when you get to the top.

Today we relaxed and watched the sunset over Tokyo.

Looking forward to seeing another sunset soon.



Click the lick to watch the sunset.





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